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Lunatics on the Road


The Mental Ward was empty for a while. It is time for the lunatics to return where they belong. They frown on each other while playing various instruments but deep inside they call themselves a band. Some of them are pretty aggressive about their musician status and they don't like being photographed.   Others are delusional, they always crave fruit and every time somebody asks them the question: “ Do you know where you are?” the answer is “Of course my horse. This is the Wild West and if you don't take a step back, I am going to put a bullet in your belly”
The older ones gather around a peculiar piece of carved stone resembling a human head and they spend the whole day trying to communicate with it.   The clever ones use mobile phones to pretend they talk to God about some earthly issue.
One thing I could never understand is why some of the lunatics have bigger heads than others although studies have shown that the big-headed-lunatic is less intelligent than the small-headed-bearded-lunatic, a confusing fact for the scientists.   Next we present an image of the standard summer-uniform here at the Mental Ward
One morning three of our guards noticed a group of lunatics attempting to escape the facility. They forced the fugitives into the corner of an elevator and started bombarding them with italian dance music until the lunatics cracked. This picture was taken by one of our surveillance cameras and it presents the lunatics giving up hope, tortured by the italian dance music. One of our lip-readers was pretty sure they were shouting “ NO MORE”   They confessed that they were driven by a sudden urge to see the world's wonders and it all started when they saw two photos, The Mental Ward Photo Contest winners:

On our “ Most Wanted” section we present you two escaping renegades, two dangerous lunatics that must be brought back and locked when found. They are blood thirsty criminals, beware, start running if you see any of them. Their names are Gorgonzolas & Fallafelos Behemente. Please dial 1313. 13 13 13 13. if you have any information about the fugitives.


Double Meaning Pictures


Here are some “behind the scene” pictures from our last trip to Bucharest . There were some particular moments that made us “laugh our lungs out” but unfortunately photographs can only capture images without sound.


Mating Ritual in Human Culture
Nunchaku Owner
The Gay Burglers
Bart Simpson is the Pillar of Justice, Justice is the Pillar of God
Memories of Comunism and Tea
The Pedals of the Twisted Fuck
The Best Driver in Eastern Europe
I Know You Are, but What Am I
The Tricky Wireless Situation
Marshall opening act for Tamas
The Guitar of a Reasonable Man
I Don't Live Here
Decorate. Decorate.
Anyone Can Play Guitar



Just woke up in a room with no doors, surrounded by barking dogs trapped in bottles. I don't remember my name. I reach into my pocket and find a dog whistle and a piece of paper. There's something written on it: “You're going to change the way you are, the way you move, the way you breathe” Will I ever find the exit?



The unexpected details


I took some pictures on the road from Cluj-Napoca to Bucharest. I think these are some of the most sincere postcards one can send from the Planet Romania. Representative for the state of mind of its inhabitants. I might be wrong.


Tornado for the lungs
Nothing ever changes
Potential Terrorist



Hello everyone. We have new faces. We can now look at ourselves in the mirror without hiding our faces behind gas masks for dogs. White is the most impure color. The mirror frame is white. The white mirror frame is an impure gas mask hanger. Cravings may be triggered by seeing this hanging mask. We’ll be fine. It’s only a matter of time.



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