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Romanian artists find fame abroad (Alina Andriescu - "Romania Business Insider")


"Their first song “Solitude” has sent them high up in tops, as well as “In a Glimpse”, being played both at Insomnia Radio UK and at a local radio station in Bruxelles where it got the first place in the charts. "

Interview: Adam Whittaker talks about his new Transylvanian project - Grimus


"I'd been scanning the internet, looking for good Romanian bands … I came across Grimus , listened to it and I was hooked. I thought it was fucking fantastic, and we went from there [...] The Grimus show was all I could have hoped for. It's remarkable to see a small band play a twenty song set of developed songs to a high standard in a small venue like that. The trick is now finding a way to make it better known, and take it to the mainstream."

Album review: Panikon - Grimus debut album (Robert Nicolae - "Revista Cioburi")


"Regarded as a whole, the album pictures the ambiguous path, full of grey and blue feelings, that leads from the confusion of the first date towards a happy epilogue, full of emotions [...] Leaving the lyrical part aside, it's fascinating that the listener can imagine with each song his own dark world, with depressions and miserable thoughts, or on the contrary, a world with clear and cloudless horizons."

Album review: Panikon - coldness and vehemence (Alexandra Nita - "LiterNet")


"Panikon is an album that apparently sends out a social message, but in essence it is centered around the mentality of the individual in society [...] after having listened to the album, you un-seemingly feel like going out in the street and shouting out loud all of your frustrations"

A parallel world called Grimus (Ioana Lovin - "Pe tocuri")


"Each time I listen to Panikon, I end up obsessively replaying different songs, again and again [...] Vali always knows how to pick out the most proper words. Then he places them together, like the pieces of a puzzle that match perfectly, creating poems on musical rhythms"

Interview: Grimus, a bird with wings made of stars (Robert Nicolae - "Revista Cioburi")


"(Q): Where do you see the band in 10 years from now?
 (Vali Rauca): In 10 years from now Grimus will fill up stadiums. In the sense that all six of us will attend the CFR Cluj football matches"

Album review: Grimus - Panikon (Alexa Ioana - "Muzica nu ucide")


"I can't stop listening to Grimus [...] each song throws the listener from one mood to another, passing from exaltation to sadness through a simple change of rhythm [...] when we feel hungry for meanings, we can order this menu alternative: Panikon - confusion-addiction-passion-anxiety-perversity-selfishness-love-evolution-death"

Album review: Grimus - Panikon (Richard Constantinidi - "Clickzoombytes") Rated: 5/5


"I consider Grimus to be the most talented of the newcoming Romanian bands [...] an album that completely deserves being added to your personal collection of music CDs"

The future sounds Grimus (Alex Olaru - "Ziua")


"Grimus sounds really good, a mix of Muse and other British sounds, spiced up [...] a sensational lead singer (Bogdan Mezofi)"

Album review: Grimus - Panikon (Jesper Persson - "Consequence of Sound") Rated: 2.5/5


"Panikon is ambitious, and the band’s not afraid to play around with sounds and structures [...] it’s audible that the band has gone into the studio with more eagerly itching musical fingers than say veterans Thom Yorke or Brandon Flowers more recently"

Album review: Panikon (Mihai Plamadeala - "Muzici si faze") Rated: 9.7/10


"Panikon debuted in the Romanian musical industry by occupying the the first place in our yearly album chart for 2008 [...] the material reflects exactly the way that the band thinks up the music and their attitude on stage"

Album review: A certainty (Matei Florian - "Dilema Veche")


"Panikon is indispensable [...] a perfect balance between guitars and keyboards, brilliant choruses and a sparkling voice [...] the most natural sound to come out of Romania in the past years"

Album review: From music towards text (Ana M. Calin - "Sapte seri")


"The album is surprising, the songs feature unexpected rhythm changes, the choruses catch you unprepared and you can hear the musicians are playing with their instruments, experimenting [...] when you are unable to name songs that you like more than others, it means you are listening to a homogenous and valuable album"

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