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It's all happening on the road. Passing wide-eyed from one town to another, inspecting everything around you. There's a mysterious bond between yourself, and the passenger seat, from where you gaze to countless projections bound by the common image of a street or a road between two cities. You ask yourself about the meaning of all this, of the countless specters of road kill that invariably haunt you, after carefully meandering between them on the road. A bizarre flash with a fat man wearing flip-flops slipping on rotten plums fallen off the trees passes through your brain.

It’s all happening on the road. Panikon was born on the road. We had to sear his umbilical chord with the cigarette lighter in the car. We were all stunned: instead of crying, like any newborn, he started to utter bizarre words: “confused…in a glimpse…political animals…backseat driver…insanity…just pray…mild disease…different colour shoes…ready for it…elephants…addiction…time to be good friends”. We all got an instant lump in our throats. The midget looked exactly like any of us, although up until then there hadn’t been any similarities among us.

Bogdan is nothing like Vali like Tamas like Cristi like Titus like Lehel.
Vali is nothing like Tamas like Cristi like Titus like Lehel like Bogdan.
Cristi is nothing like Lehel like Bogdan like Tamas like Vali like Titus.
Lehel is nothing like Bogdan like Tamas like Vali like Titus like Cristi.
Tamas is nothing like Titus like Bogdan like Vali like Lehel like Cristi.
Titus is nothing like Cristi like Bogdan like Vali like Tamas like Lehel.

It’s all happening on the road. We quickly figured out that the midget was born under the sign of Pan. We started to see everything more clearly, it was as if our feelings had been embodied by this Firstborn. We could finally dispense with our gasmasks, earthquake detectors, anti-canine protection systems, our anti-killer bees suits, lie detectors, lie TVs, panic attacks. We got them all out of our car and dropped on the side of the road to be found by people who consider them to be indispensable for any self-respecting living room. The same day the midget got the name Panikon.

It’s all happening on the road...
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